Speed Plunge Router Review

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Speed Plunge Router Review

I recollect my father’s Bosch sander, jigsaw, and bore were the apparatuses that must be appropriately come back to their cases, with the ropes wrapped up to his specs, when you were done with man-rehearse. Those were the ones you’d get stuck in an unfortunate situation for abusing. Right up ’til the present time, I make a special effort to choose Bosch O2 sensors for my vehicles. It’s this demeanor of value and accuracy that goes before the Bosch name. I get a similar vibe when I handle the Bosch 1619EVS variable speed dive switch.

I, as most apparatus folks, claim many brands of devices, yet my Bosch instruments are among my top picks. This is particularly valid for my 1617EVSPK dive switch. As my little furniture organization has developed, so has my utilization of my unparalleled switch. This thing gets an exercise! I defeat 2-1/4″ profound box joints (among others) on an everyday schedule. Also, despite the fact that I have no protestations about it, I’ve been wanting to move up to a heftier engine.

For me, the sensible move was to the 1619EVS, which is the reason I seized the opportunity to connect one to and expound on my experience.

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Bosch 1619EVS Out of the Container

Alright, I’ll let it be known, I’m a geek! I get amped up for flipping through the manuals of the devices I secure. I get a kick out of the chance to fit every single connection and change each accessible acclimation to its fullest degree before I even connect it to. I get a kick out of the chance to think about even the littlest detail that may enhance my procedure or method. In perusing the 1619EVS manual, I see one capacity which particularly obliges utilizing this apparatus in a switch table: With the push of a catch, you can separate the diving springs and afterward bolt the plate to the body by means of the stature altering dials which will keep you from battling against a spring while turning the switch bits all over from underneath the table. It’s both advantageous and simple to work.


There’s no uncertainty the Bosch 1619EVS switch is an outright workhorse when mounted underneath a switch table, however for me it truly sparkles when I utilize it freehand with dances and straight edges. Having spent innumerable hours biting wood chips with my 1617EVSPK, I promptly saw two particular contrasts in the 1619EVS. The first and most discernible change is the arrangement of the on/off switch. Having the switch situated on the correct side of the ergonomic handles, rather than the side of the engine, implied I could keep up full control even while beginning and halting the engine. This likewise dispensed with the “clean in the switch” issue normal on more seasoned keeps running of the 1617EVSPK. The second was the way low it dives when contrasted with the Bosch 1617EVSPK review. The greater part of the directing I do is finished with carefully assembled dances, utilizing top-bearing flush trim bits. With the 1617EVSPK, I’d need to knock the switch bit out of the hurl to get the bearing to uncover sufficiently profound to track along the dance. On the 1619EVS, I can completely embed the bit, which anticipates prattle, and still dive it totally out of the base.

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