Online Traffic School Course in California

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Have you gotten a movement ticket in California? Indeed, even a minor criminal traffic offense can put a blemish on your driving record and possibly cause your protection rates to increment. Nonetheless, you can veil your California activity ticket by finishing our online movement school course and spare valuable dollars on your accident coverage consistently.

Authorized by the California DMV

Concentrate at your own pace, wherever and at whatever point you need

Made by industry experts to give you an unrivaled learning background

Simple and snappy verification of finishing conveyance specifically to the DMV

About Our CA Traffic School Online Courses

I Drive Safely offers DMV-authorized online movement school courses that can enable you to cover a ticket or decrease your protection rates. traffic school California Every one offers precisely the same, yet is displayed in various configurations.

Content Based Course

Our straightforward content based course displays a wide assortment of safe driving data and know-how to sum things up, straightforward sections. This is a moderate approach to finish your activity school California prerequisite for ticket veiling, and furthermore gives you the opportunity to ponder how you need, when you need.

Online Video Course

This is the simplest online movement school course in California! You should simply watch a drawing in 3D-vivified motion picture that educates you on the basics of sheltered, dependable driving. This is a reasonable other option to perusing pages of content – sit back, watch the video modules, and finish the included tests. This course is accessible solely through I Drive Safely and influences finishing movement to class a breeze.

A California Traffic School Course Created With You In Mind

When you take an I Drive Safely activity school course, you are in full control. You are not required to drive to the classroom or be constrained into a timetable that doesn’t work for you. Our online courses are accessible at whatever point you are.


You have the total flexibility to separate the course into littler examination sessions, finish it on a free end of the week, or even complete the whole course in a solitary day. Our California online activity school gives you a definitive freedom to choose when, how, and where you get your ticket covered. What’s more, because of our courses’ programmed spare element, all you require is an Internet association with get right where you cleared out off last time. We make it simple to battle that speeding ticket, and endeavor to veil any petty criminal offenses you’ve gotten.

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