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This post is brought to you, courtesy by Gun Safe Under 1000 dollars . We have been searching hard to find two gun safe which lie right in the middle and offer same and comparable features. After looking around very hard and communicating with people who actually own gun safes, we observed the obvious bias people had for their own choice. No matter if it was a right decision or a bad decision gun safe owners defended their decision of buying a substandard gun safe in every possible way. They called it the best option available near their home or the deal on the internet was too good to be true to they bought the gun safe.

This headache made our team search for unbiased reviews on internet and luckily we came across Tell Me Best the unbiased website. Reading the article we shortlisted the above two gun safes and decided to write our own version of comparison so users can have easier time selecting what is best for them.

Mesa Gun safe measure 286 pounds while that of steel water weighs a staggering 425 pounds. Both are quite heavy to be honest but when it comes to weight steelwater takes the lead. Not because it is heavy but because of the fact that it is made of steel in higher quantity. Lower grade steel is used in construction which is a good thing and can only point out to the fact that it is going to be very strong in construction.

Another battle won by the steelwater is the space available inside the gun safe. With massive room of 55.5 x 20 x 10 inches. You can store loads of guns inside this gun safe unlike the mesa gun safe. The price difference between the two is not too much but if you consider the benefits offered by the steelwater then it is a steal buy. If you are looking for a gun safe asap and confused between these two then you should rely on our advice and go for the steelwater AMSW592818-BLK.

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