DIY Gift Guide: Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar

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It might be a Pinterest buzzword, however it’s difficult to deny that placing anything in an artisan jolt makes it right away cuter. Furthermore, that incorporates simple, DIY presents for the Christmas season. Previously, we’ve made up these artisan jolt matches, bricklayer jostle snow globes, and gingerbread in a jug. What’s more, in comparative bricklayer bump form, today we’re sharing an instructional exercise for making this sweet and insightful endowment of mint chocolate chip treats in a jug. Just purchase the fixings beneath, set up it together (it just takes around 10 minutes!) and you have a simple and adorable blessing to give out to anybody on your rundown.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar

You Will Need:

1 12-ounce artisan shake with top

material paper

twine, blessing tag, and crisp blooms (discretionary)

¾ glass pressed flour

1/3 glass white sugar

¼ glass pressed dark colored sugar

¼ teaspoon heating pop

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/3 glass mint chocolate chips (or chocolate chips of your decision)


  1. You’ll need to have the capacity to see the layers of fixings in your jug, so begin by including them each one in turn. I included the flour in the first place, at that point the darker sugar, at that point the preparing pop, salt, white sugar and finally, dark colored sugar. Try to pack down each layer with the goal that it is smaller, or else you won’t not have enough space for the majority of the fixings in your jug.
  2. Finish off with your mint chocolate chips, at that point cut a little bit of material paper and lay it over the highest point of the container before screwing on the top.
  3. Tie off with a bit of twine and crisp blooms for a pretty touch. Also, there you have it!

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