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Sean says...
The idea of a revamped constitution sounds tempting at times, but sometimes we might as well fix what is broken.

This idea will very well offend my parents too.

19th October 2013 4:31pm
Pat Summers (West Deptford) says...
I believe that what we need in this country is total Initiative and referendum. this would heave to be put on a ballot and voted for by 2/3 of the popular vote. This will stop all the ***** that goes on in Washington and the biggest losers would be the big money boys that run this country it\\\'s not us.
4th August 2013 6:23am
Jake (Los Angeles) says...
IX.A.2 No restricttion may be placed on any Federal or State payment of previously authorized obligations.

X.B.2 The federal government will compensate Maryland with amounts which would normally be collected by the state through taxation on non- governmental facilities and services.(1)

X.D.2.d including prescription drugs.

XII.A.6 except where national security may be compromised (2)

XII (general) The military shall establish and conduct legal proceedings similar to those defined for civilian courts (3)

(1)Maryland is obligated to provide educational, transportation and other services to DC and the federal government should reimburse the state similarly as it would be supported in other counties since the federal government would not pay property taxes, school bonds, value added taxes etc.

(2)provision must be made to protect the CIA, secret government programs (think the Manhattan Project), new secret weapons etc.

(3) Military proceedings must be able to be conducted wherever the military is located in foriegn lands without an obligation to bring all charged persons and witnesses back to the U.S. court system.
14th February 2013 3:45pm
Bob says...
Ok, one of the worst aspects of our government is the plurality voting system which makes elections uncompetitive and forces citizens to vote for the lesser of two evils so the worst guy doesn\\\'t get elected. Why in the world would you not want to do anything about that? You could use approval voting, range voting, the Condorcet method. Even instant runoff voting is better than plurality. Why would you stick with plurality?
2nd January 2013 6:12pm
Burgie says...
I agree with serious dialog. Find it difficult to believe that States would ratify because it takes away too much patronage. Found link on page on Rewriting the Constitution. Just read Kevin Bleyer\\\'s \\\"Me the People\\\" which is sophmoric but does get you thinking along with the laughs.
20th August 2012 6:44pm
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